Four Foot Fotos, Ballarat

Book in for your Furry Foto portrait @ Ballarat International Foto Biennale!

Four Foot Fotos (Ballarat) is proud to have been invited by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale to do special portrait sessions in our portable studio on three Sundays in September. We’ve decided with the Biennale staff to offer studio style pet portraits for just $50!

Your dog’s photo will be shared on Ballarat International Foto Biennale’s social media, as well as Four Foot Fotos, so you can easily share with friends near and far!

Prints of your portraits will be available from Four Foot Fotos at a special Foto Biennale discounted price!

Booking are essential:
8 Sept:
15 Sept:
22 Sept:

Come on Ballarat, let’s show them our Doggy Culture!



I’ve had a few messages asking me whether to take the Biennale option or one of my packages. Here’s a quick overview to help you decide.

There are basically two options for your dog portrait at the moment:
1. The Biennale
2. One of my packages

Please note: We can’t photograph cats at the Biennale unfortunately.

The Biennale
The Biennale price is just $50. When you book in, you’ll get an appointment time to come to my portable studio at the Biennale, and we’ll take several photos of your dog. You get a digital image with a special Biennale watermark, which will be published on the Biennale’s social media and that of Four Foot Fotos. High quality prints are then available from me at $75 for an A4 or $50 for an A5, which is a special price for the Biennale.

A Four Foot Fotos Package
The photo opportunity at the Biennale is however more limited than a full portrait session. When at your home for the StarDog! package, I socialise with your pets to relax them as I set up; and then often spend over an hour doing the photography. I also bring a larger range of props. I then put a few hours into selecting the best photos and professionally treating them – the Biennale photos will be treated, but won’t have this extra attention. I then visit you (in Greater Ballarat) to show you the short list, and help you select the image for the package print plus any extra prints you’d like to buy. In that process, I can assist you in considering your decor, wall space and how you can arrange and frame photos.

Please call me on 0423 311 839 of yours like to chat, or just message me via my Facebook page at

You can see my packages at…/photography-packages/.


Steve Barnes
Four Foot Fotos