We want all pet owners to have wonderful, lasting memories of their pets.

  • We'd like you to remember well the excitement of when you first brought them home and what they looked like
  • To live again the energy of their 'childhood' and 'teens' when they grew so quickly and gained new abilities; when they made more human and pet friends and felt the world was their oyster
  • And to savour their adulthood as they became more settled and knew you so well; becoming your well worn companion in life
  • We want you to have heart warming memories of the older days, when you know each other so well as companions for years; to remember what it's like to look into their eyes and find a thousand pleasant memories come flooding back
  • And even the melancholy of their last days when you know time was short, and they'll be gone soon. We want you to have a visual prompt to look back with joy.

So contact Four Foot Fotos,  Ballarat . We understand your love of your pets and want to help you enjoy them always: homecoming, puppyhood, special occasions, middle-age, special birthdays, family and pet portraits and more. Enjoy our beautiful artwork now, and have something special to remember them by when they have to leave you.

Call Steve now on 0423 311 839.

Four Foot Fotos pet photography, Ballarat operates from Soldiers Hill and covers the Greater Ballarat Area. 

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Capture their early days

and always remember the good times with our beautiful wall mounted artwork

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Don't let special times just pass you by...

have Four Foot Fotos capture evocative imagery regularly so you have quality artwork on the wall, at hand or on gifts to savour for years to come!

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Hold their old age in special memory

great photographic artwork from this time of life is a real treasure because that's the lasting impression you reminisce when they leave you.

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Family members really do matter!

so book us regularly so you don't miss out on great memories of the pets you love!