Special Low Pricing for Prints from Four Foot Fotos Social Shoots

SpecialPrintOfferPricing 3 150Social Media shoots are a great way of getting Four Foot Fotos known in the community and blessing people with photos they can share on social media. You'll see us around Ballarat in general, but certainly at:

Please note, the photos from these sessions are copyright, and are for sharing within social media only. No downloading or printing is allowed. 

I have made images from many of these shoots available at rock-bottom prices.

Look for the "SPECIAL PRINT OFFER" badge to see if your shoot qualifies! See Special Print Offer Pricing below...

Dedicated Photo Shoot: Really Amazing Prints!

If you want really amazing photos, please talk to me about a dedicated photo shoot for your dog. We can do this one of two ways:

  1. You can ask me ahead of time to spend more time and get deliberately planned shots during a social shoot
  2. You can reserve a totally individual session where we plan just for you!

Special Print Offer Pricing

These are the basic sizes and media for Special Print Offer Pricing. Please ask if you would like a different size.

Media Size Price  
premium gloss photo stock A5 $45  
premium gloss photo stock A4 $59  
premium gloss photo stock A3+ $109  

Please note: prices do not include packaging and delivery. Most people pick up from my home studio. It only takes a quick chat to arrange pickup or postage :-)

Just call me to order on 0423 311 839 and I'll take payment over the phone by credit card.



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