Four Foot Fotos Art Print


Art prints are specially crafted to give you a beautiful piece of artwork. They are available in

  • A sizes, which often fit ‘off the shelf’ frames
  • 3×2 ratio, which maximises image use from the camera
  • 1:1 or square aspect raio, which is done as artistic interpretation
  • wider formats to cater for artistic interpretation and group shots
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Art prints are specially crafted to provide you with a beautiful piece of artwork. Firstly because they are lifted from images shot in formal portrait sessions; secondly because I enhance these images to give a premium appearance on large format printing; and thirdly because the printers and inks I use produce a premium art style image.

All images are printed on beautiful SIHL Masterclass Lustre papers: my very favourite because of the beautiful lustre of the paper and quality of the stock. I use a photographic paper on my Canon photographic printer, or a Bartya paper on my big Epson 7880 (600mm wide roll) fine-art printer.

Aspect ratios & sizes: My Canon photo printer is great for A3+ and smaller. My Epson 600mm fine-art printer is wonderful for A2 and larger. On my Epson 7880, I’m able to print up to A1 in an ‘A Format’ or 900x600mm if we use the slightly wider format that comes from my cameras. The Epson 7880 will further scale to print along the 600mm wide roll if you have more of a wide-format shot, as sometimes happens for group photos.

Upgrade pricing is available if you have purchased a package, but the prices here are for extra prints, which means you can have a small gallery of beautiful photographic artwork of your furry best  friends!

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A4, A3, A3+, A2, A1, 900x600mm, 600x600mm, 1200x600mm