What about Print Sizes & Frames?

People ask what sizes prints come in, and what size frames work for them. 

Firstly, let me say that if I crop a photograph artistically, it will normally be in an aspect ratio that you can find a frame for if we print it at a size to suit.

The A series of sizes is a natural for photographers, because their professional DSLR cameras are often 3:2 ratio, which is really close to the A series ratio.

I also do photographs in 1:1, or SQUARE crop if it suits them artistically, and will sometimes crop a portrait (vertically oriented) photograph to 5:4 ratio, which correlates to the classic 10:8 inch frame size.

If you are looking to suit a particular space in your home, I can crop and size my photographs to suit the home environment. This however will likely require custom framing, which is more expensive than off the shelf frames. That’s something we talk about as we step through the shoot and artwork session together.

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