We Want Your Dog!

Do you think your dog is photogenic?

Is you dog model material? 

Would you like to see your dog's photograph published in a book?

   If you answered 'yes', then we have great news for you!

"For the Love of Dogs" needs dogs!

That's right, now's your chance to get your dog immortalised is print! Our new book is in the pipeline, and features the love relationship between dog and owner. We'll be looking for photographs of dogs, and dogs and their owners. We'll be focussing on faces and eyes, and the interaction between pet and owner.

How to get in line?

If you would like to participate, just call Steve on 0423 311 839. Photo shoots will be at or near Cleveland in Queensland.

Terms & Conditions

Whilst not all dogs may be accepted for the publication, we are looking for a good number. We'll be screening the dogs for appearance and behaviour, plus any interesting stories you have of them. The photography session is a remarkable $25 (well below cost) and you get an 8" by 10" print as a result; no matter whether your dog is published or not! We'll determine when we have enough applicants and will then withdraw the offer, which can happen at any time. You'll need to have your dog well groomed and obedient for the shoot, as well as up to date with vaccinations etc. We of course reserve the right to pull out of a photography session and refund the $25 if we deem there is any risk to health or comfort of Four Foot Fotos staff. You are responsible for getting your dog and yourself to the Cleveland area on the day of your photo session. Four Foot Fotos will photograph your dog for $25. You are responsible for any other costs. All photos will be property of Four Foot Fotos.


All good? Let's go!


  Call Steve now on 0423 311 839 to book

  Just go to our contact page, select "For The Love Of Dogs" book candidate, and send us your details. We'll be in touch real soon! Click here to go now.