A5 prints now have ‘Ready To Frame’ kit available!

Great news for Four Foot Fotos customers! I have the answer to a dilemma 🙂

I’ve been able to optionally supply A4 and A3 prints in a ‘Ready To Frame’ kit for some time, but have stumbled in the case of A5 prints. The format of an ‘A’ series print is close to 3×2 aspect ratio (297x210mm for A4); however when supplying smaller prints scaling down to A5 was leaving me without a good choice for framing and forcing me to re-crop the photo to a 5×4 aspect ratio to fit smaller frames.


Now our A5 prints can optionally have a ‘ready To Frame’ kit which makes them able to drop straight into an 8×10 inch frame. Cool!

These kits are coming straight from quality Australian supplier I use for the A4 and A3 ready to frame kits.

So now you can elect to have your A3, A4 and A5 prints supplied, pre-hung, in a ready to frame kit. It makes presentation so much nicer, and makes me more confident you’ll have a quality mounting for your print. I encourage you to select the ready to frame option for your Four Foot Fotos prints.

Kind regards,
Steve Barnes
for Four Foot Fotos

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