About Steve

Steve has a life-time love affair with photography, and with dogs!

Often found in the high school’s dark-room developing black and white prints from his mother’s Olympus camera back in 1978, Steve’s dad later built a dark-room in a new house so Steve could further his passion. Steve was a photographer for a car magazine in the early 80s, but his real love was street photography and landscapes… until

After years of taking snaps of the family dogs, Steve was inspired by a dog photographer a family member had contact with and started to push the boundaries with pet portraits. Four Foot Fotos was born as a distinct brand from Steve’s other photography in early 2015. 

Working hard to gain a profile in Brisbane, Steve photographed dogs and owners at the Million Paws Walk in Cleveland (on Moreton Bay); and was later asked to be a celebrity photographer at a special ‘Bring Your Dogs!) screening of Red Dog at Eat Street Markets’ amazing container drive-in. 

Moving to Ballarat in 2016 for family reasons, Steve has found Ballarat to be a city of dog lovers! Ballarat is definitely home now, and Steve is enjoying all his media work, but in particular he loves his work with Four Foot Fotos!

The future is interesting. Having just invested another $1,300 in a special high speed studio light, Steve will be pushing into specialised motion shots like dogs catching treats and wet dogs shaking. The world is full of fun, and Steve intends to share every bit of joy he can generate with his customers at Four Foot Fotos.

If you’re a dog owner and love your pet, a portrait is a wonderful idea and will provide you with an artistic memory of your pet for a lifetime.